Koehler on the Senate floorState Senator Dave Koehler issued the following statement about the Illinois budget impasse in Springfield:

"I'm disappointed that the governor has been unwilling to come to a compromise on the state budget.

"Soon, people everywhere are going to feel the effects of his decision. Parents are going to have to choose between their jobs and their kids as they lose access to child care. Seniors are going to have to move into nursing homes as programs that help them stay in their homes shut down. People with disabilities aren't going to understand why their lives are changing as services and programs close.

"I'm ready to do my part to end this impasse. I urge the governor and my Republican colleagues to do the same."

Koehler voted to support a one-month, bare-bones maintenance budget that would maintain core health and safety programs while negotiations continue. For example, it would fund state police salaries to keep motorists safe and the Community Care Program that provides basic assistance to keep seniors in their homes and out of more costly nursing homes.

"I urge the House and governor to keep basic services in place while we work out our differences. Inflicting pain on Illinois families over an ideological battle is not good government," Koehler said.