PEORIA – In response to the eruption of violence throughout the Peoria area last night, State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) released the following statement:

“In the early 1970s, I worked for and marched with Cesar Chavez, founder and leader of the United Farm Workers Union. Non-violent protest was necessary to get the attention of the powers to be that things had to change. The time had come for justice among the ranks of America’s farm workers.

“Cesar often spoke of non-violent action as something he learned from the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He felt the only way to achieve justice, was to affirm the dignity of everyone in a peaceful way and to resist the temptation of violence and destruction.

“In 1977, just a year before moving to Peoria, my wife and I were sent by Cesar to the New York City Boycott (a non-violent strategy of putting pressure on grape and lettuce growers to help achieve union contracts for farm workers). My task was to rid the volunteer support groups we had built up in the city of all the anarchists who used the farm worker movement for their own political purposes.

“Recalling this experience brought me to reflect upon the events that transpired over the weekend. Protests occurred on every corner and street in America, and I will defend the right and necessity of peaceful protest to right centuries-old wrongs and to bring about change. However, I will not defend those who take advantage of the chaos for personal gain through unnecessary violence, destruction and looting. They are putting innocent lives at risk and must be held accountable.

“While I recognize people are experiencing pain and frustration, destroying the property of local businesses will not bring justice to the family of George Floyd, or any of the countless families who have suffered because a loved one was murdered at the hands of the police. We are still firmly in the middle of a pandemic, and members of our local business community are working around the clock to get back to doing business and providing jobs in our community.

“Let us focus on the injustices that have occurred too often and the underlying racism that runs through our society, keeping communities of color from prosperity. Let us peacefully pursue justice, rather than destruction.”

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PEORIA – To give residents who are struggling the chance to receive assistance with utility bills, State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) is highlighting the expansion of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) included in the state budget.

“LIHEAP is just one of the many vital services our residents are relying on to get them through this difficult moment,” Koehler said. “If people are just barely unqualified for this program, that does not mean they aren’t struggling and couldn’t use the financial assistance. The expansion of this program will allow more people to take advantage of the opportunity for lower utility bills.”

The LIHEAP expansion would increase the qualifying threshold from 150% of the federal poverty level to 200% of the federal poverty level, allowing more people to take advantage of available aid from the state. Additionally, the amount of credit issued to those who qualify would increase to:

  • $2,400 ($200 per month) annually if applicants are above the federal poverty level
  • $3,000 ($250 per month) annually if applicants are under the federal poverty level

For a single person to meet the federal poverty level an income of $12,760 per year is required, and for a family of four, $26,200 per year.

“This is the sort of moment when government is supposed to step up and offer a helping hand wherever possible,” Koehler said. “Forcing people to choose between paying their utility bill and affording groceries for the month is unacceptable. By giving more people access to financial assistance programs such as LIHEAP, Illinoisans won’t be forced to make that choice.”

The state budget proposal now awaits Governor Pritzker’s approval.

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SPRINGFIELD – Following the Senate’s approval of the proposed state budget for the upcoming year, State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) offered the following statement:

“The way forward will not be an easy one, and that much has been clear from the start. This is a budget that keeps our state afloat and meets the reality of the moment we find ourselves in.

“As we continue to assess the total damage COVID-19 has had on our state, we must prioritize the revitalization of our local economies. This starts with providing assistance for small businesses as they continue to grapple with lost revenue and giving a boost to the local governments who managed our regional health departments, and provided financial, housing and meal assistance to our residents. I’m thrilled we were able to give these folks some of the help they will need going forward.”

The proposal now awaits the governor’s approval. 

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SPRINGFIELD – To provide sorely needed flexibility and relief as businesses and counties begin to reopen, State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) sponsored legislation that would give property owners the means to continue meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19.

"I led the Senate’s economic revitalization working group with one goal in mind. We had to provide people with real, tangible solutions to the enormous challenges brought on by the pandemic,” Koehler said. “Implementing property tax relief measures and extending payment deadlines is where we have to start as we begin to work toward the recovery of our local economies.”

Under this legislation, local businesses and residents would see property tax relief in the form of:

  • Empowering county governments to approve 2020 homestead exemptions for those with disabilities, veterans with disabilities and senior citizens, as long as the property had been granted this exemption for 2019.
  • Allowing counties with less than 3 million residents to waive interest penalties and fees for late property tax payments due in 2020.
  • Deferred property tax sales for counties with less than 3 million residents.

This legislation now awaits the governor’s signature.

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