SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Dave Koehler led an initiative to provide fair and equal insurance coverage for cancer treatment using proton beam therapy.

“Cancer patients deserve the best treatment available to them,” said Koehler (D – Peoria). “As health technology advances, so should our insurance coverage policies.”

Proton beam therapy is an advanced cancer radiation therapy that uses focused beams that targets nearly the exact depth and location of cancerous cells in the body to deliver more dose to the tumor and less to the surrounding healthy tissue. House Bill 2799 would prohibit insurers from applying a higher standard for coverage of proton beam therapy than it would for any other form of treatment.

“There’s absolutely no reason to implement higher rates for necessary care,” said Koehler. “Illinoisans should have the peace of mind that they have access to the best possible care at their fingertips.”

House Bill 2799 passed the Senate Thursday.

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Dave Koehler championed a measure to require insurance providers to cover hearing aids and related services for people of all ages.

“Illinoisans who are prescribed hearing aids shouldn’t have to pay high out-of-pocket prices,” said Koehler (D – Peoria). “Devices that make a significant improvement in someone’s day-to-day life should be accessible.”

House Bill 2443 builds upon the 2018 Koehler-supported measure that required insurance to cover hearing aids for children under the age of 18. Koehler’s measure expands on that by requiring insurers to provide coverage for everyone if their doctor prescribes a hearing instrument – which can cost up to $4,000.

“If your doctor prescribes medicine to you, it would be covered by your insurance,” said Koehler. “People shouldn’t have to bear the burden of having to pay for their hearing aids, or worse, not be able to afford it.”  

House Bill 2443 passed the Senate Wednesday.

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Dave Koehler passed a measure to prorate debts of students who are recipients of scholarship programs who need to fulfil their obligations at a later time.

“Every student’s educational path is different,” said Koehler (D – Peoria). “We shouldn’t be charging students more for having to complete their degree at a later time.”

House Bill 3498 would allow a recipient of either the Minority Teachers of Illinois scholarship program, the Special Education Teacher Waiver program or the Golden Apple Scholar of Illinois grant program to have their debt prorated for completing their teaching obligations at a later time, up to a five year window.

“There are many students in Illinois who have multiple jobs and responsibilities outside of the classroom,” said Koehler. “We should be supporting our students for pursuing their educational dreams, not increasing their financial burden.”

House Bill 3498 passed the Senate Friday.

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Dave Koehler is leading a measure to remove vital records fees for survivors of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence survivors are already dealing with immense trauma,” said Koehler (D – Peoria). “Why are we taking money out of their pockets, adding more burdens to the reporting process?”

House Bill 2841 would remove the fees associated with services of vital records done by the State Registrar for survivors of domestic violence. The fee for a search of vital records is $10 per application currently and includes the files on birth, death, and fetal death. These records can be used to dissolve marriages and civil unions, receive information on the birth of a child and unexpected miscarriages and for genealogical purposes.

“A basic service to help a survivor in need shouldn’t have a cost,” said Koehler. “This initiative would prevent the possibility of survivors being turned away.”

House Bill 2841 passed the Senate Local Government Committee Wednesday and now heads to the full Senate for further consideration.


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